World's Youngest Enterpreneur

Where Did SCOOPERMAN Get His Start? 

SCOOPERMAN had humble beginnings. He was born in a small farm town in central Illinois. How small was it? Only 900 people...give or take a few cows.

How Did SCOOPERMAN Get His Start?

SCOOPERMAN has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He started three businesses when he was just 9-years-old. 

Business #1...Worms: SCOOPERMAN went out into his yard after dark and caught night crawlers, brought them into the house to refrigerate, and then sold them the next morning to fisherman...3-dozen for a $1

Business #2...Kool-Aid StandSCOOPERMAN would drag a patio table out to the corner of his yard. He made his own Kool-Aid and sold it for 5 cents a "cup". Being a frugal business owner, SCOOPERMAN didn't buy actual cups, he used small paper funnels that he found in the garage. His customers had to plug the bottom of the funnels with their fingers so the Kool-Aid wouldn't drain out. SCOOPERMAN would close his stand each day when he had made enough money to purchase a cheeseburger at his favorite sandwich shop.

Business #3...Door-to-Door Sales: And finally, SCOOPERMAN would pick up several newspapers from the local printer and then sell them door-to-door to town residents for a dime a piece...keeping a nickel each for himself.

At age 11, SCOOPERMAN started his own lawn maintenance business.  He would get new customers by dragging his push mower to the yards in town with the tallest grass and then knock on the door to offer his services. Upon making a good sum of money, he reinvested in his business by purchasing a riding lawn mower. He then could tackle his customers' yards with both his push mower and riding mower.

SCOOPERMAN...The Early Years

Throughout junior high and high school, SCOOPERMAN was always working. He took on such jobs as washing dishes at the town cafe, repairing pin setter machines and cooking at the local bowling alley, and was the janitor at a nursing home.

After high school, SCOOPERMAN took his first flight by joining the military. He spent 4 years at Vandenburg Air Force Base just north of Santa Barbara, California. 

Dashing SCOOPERMAN With Hair!

SCOOPERMAN  completed his 4 year commitment, was Honorable Discharged then went to work for Grumman Technical Services as a Data Management Technician for the Space Shuttle Program that was to be based from Vandenburg Air Force Base in CA. With the loss of Challanger the program ended in CA. Eventually, SCOOPERMAN transferred to Kennedy Space Center in Florida where he assumed a Management position again with Grumman working with the Space Shuttle Program.

After several 12 years in the corporate world, SCOOPERMAN decided it was time for him to get back into business for himself.  Although he had enjoyed some of his bosses, he realized that being his own boss was what he really wanted. So at this point in time, SCOOPERMAN started a couple of businesses.

Business #1...Photography: Being an avid RACIN' fan his entire life, SCOOPERMAN spent a lot of time at the dirt tracks cheering on his favorite drivers. SCOOPERMAN started taking pictures during the races and selling them to drivers and fans at the track the next weekend.

Business #2...Pet-Waste Removal: SCOOPERMAN started his first scooping business. The business flourished and he added a couple of employees. After 5 years he sold the business to a employee and returned to CA to continue surfing.

So, How Did SCOOPERMAN End Up In North Carolina?

The good Lord!, of course!

Oh, that still doesn't explain how SCOOPERMAN ended up in North Carolina. Well, remember, SCOOPERMAN really loves Racin' where better to be located than right here!

Here is SCOOPERMAN pictured with daughter Traci. The Daughter formerly know as SCOOPERGIRL!

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